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Carl Svensson has made a film about his father, who has Parkinson's disease and an idiosyncratic way of dealing with life. In a warm and personal portrait, Carl talks about his upbringing and how the disease has affected his relationship with his father.


Official Selection


International Film Festival



52 min

Carl Svensson Produktion


Director : Carl Svensson

Photographer : Carl Svensson

Editor : Sofia Lindgren

Composer : Niko Röhlcke


Stig Svensson

Carl Svensson

Stig Rehncrona, brain surgeon

Håkan Widner, neurologist

Bosse Reimegård, friend


Project manager, SVT: Patrick Bratt

Textdevelopment : Anna Vilén

Complementary photo: Fredrik Ekendahl

Still image editing : Fabian Svensson

Sound mix : Christian Christiansen

Grade : Ulf Nordin


This is a movie about my dad and my memories of growing up. A film about a stigma in my life. Memory images that come and go. Like shards from that time. Displaced and displaced reflections of a past.


When I started making the film, I wanted to portray my father's illness. But instead it became a way of approaching him and reconciling with what had been.


This is a movie about a disgrace in my life. I have taken responsibility for my father's illness and because I have identified with my father - the illness has become a part of me, the sicker he has become.


The power game is not something that comes overnight. Not a week. But maybe after years - day in and day out. Night after night.


Eventually, Dad's identity disappeared more and more - and the only thing I saw was his illness - and what it demanded of me. And I could not distinguish the two. He was held accountable for himself and his behavior. And I can ask myself somewhere - why no one else saw what we went through. Neither dad nor mom. As a child, you succeed in dealing with the situation. You may have nothing else to compare with.

WATCH THE MOVIE (English subtitles):

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